Champion Mojo

Your advocacy creates a strong emotional connection between that for which you
advocate and your loyal followers. Steve Jobs used his own brand of Champion Mojo
to build a loyal following and turn Apple Computers into a profit producing paragon.

Networking Mojo

Oprah is a Networking Jedi whose Mojo has jettisoned her into the stratosphere of
Super Stardom. Like Oprah, you have the power to read people, listen for opportunities,
and hold back judgement in order to craft, connect, and cultivate a powerful network
of movers and shakers who gladly welcome you into their inner circle.

Innovator Mojo

You leverage ingenuity and imagination to bring to life a new experience. Your
risk-taking ventures send you off on initiatives that others may think of as
a waste of time, overreaching, or even craziness; but you can see with full clarity
the vision, the mission, and the end result. Innovators like daVinci and Tesla
created new innovations from their imagination.

Enhancer Mojo

As an Enhancer, you are fantastic at making everything that much better.
You see current processes as starting point towards a better future.
Enhancers like Apple’s Jony Ive, look at what exists and develops
amazing improvements. Enhancers leverage the wheel and improve in
rather than wasting time reinventing it from scratch.

Mastermind Mojo

Masterminds like you, have a unique perspective on your favorite subject.
It may not be a subject in whom you are an industry expert, but it is a subject
that you can simplify for the masses in a way that others have not considered.
Warren Buffet removed the complexities of stock market investments
by telling people to simply invest in what they like and use everyday.

Thought Leader Mojo

You harness the power of a unique perspective, new ideas, and your favorite phrases:
“WHY” and “WHY NOT”. You question everything, turn paradigms on their head, and
lead innovation with new and unique ideas. Malcolm Gladwell uses his Mojo to
reimagine and disprove stories like David and Goliath.

Virtuoso Mojo

Your depth of knowledge in your mastered subject makes you the go to person with
lots of Virtuoso Mojo. People are drawn to you as a trusted source of information.
You keep up with trends, innovations, and develop solid solutions. Suze Orman
leveraged her Mojo as an Virtuoso in the World of Finance to solve issues for millions.

Operative Mojo

You are the MacGuyver of symbiotic ideation. Operatives collect, curate,
and weave disparate data points into highly valuable intelligence.
Heddy Lamarr is a Mojo wielding Operative who is not only a Celebrity,
she is the mother of Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and Cell Phone technology.

Content Rich, Motivational, and Highly Engaging Programs


Jobs was a Champion, Oprah a networker, and Gates an authority. They trusted their Mojo and closed more deals. What can Mojo do for you?




Unleash your competitive advantage as you discover your personal power profile and how to leverage it in business to be a more effective leader.




Trust in your power to lean in, stand out, and earn more while avoiding the pitfalls and challenges associated with being a woman in business.



This highly-interactive hands-on team building program creates strong cohesive teams that feel united in the journey towards a common goal.


With our Mojo Profiles we were able to leverage business acumen and natural talents to fill a critical influence gap that translated into more motivated teams, higher productivity, and better leadership cohesion.

David Gutierrez – CTO, Assurant

Dawnna’s extensive leadership and Enterprise Project Management saved our project and guided us to success. She is strategy on steroids.

John Macguire – Chief Project Officer, Missouri Department of Conservation

Dawnna weaved her magic on my team of evangelists in a workshop that was filled with content, interactive, and engaging. The specific take-aways we instantly actionable.

T Wilson, Microsoft

I passed on Dawnna for a “big-name” speaker. Big Mistake. Then I hired Dawnna. WOW! She is a low-stress top professional that over delivers with power on and off the stage.

Jake Roberts, Gemini Consulting

My speaker got sick and Dawnna stepped in. With a flip chart, some sharpies, and three audience mics this woman worked MAGIC! She blew us away.  STUNNING PROFESSIONAL!

Diane Justice, National Peach Farmers Association

Dawnna’s innovative solution to an age old question – What are you going to talk about – transformed our event. She said, “TRUST ME”. Best 90 minutes I have ever spent!

Mark Amaro, Project Management Institute

SOLUTIONS – A solution for our low budget challenge. A solution for our audience needs. A solution for people on the hot-seat. Dawnna delivers solutions!

Debbie Anton, Women's Summit

The best testimonial is repeat business.  We have hired Dawnna three times in the past 5 years and we will hire her again.  She is an unbelievable talent.

Barbara Garrido, LexisNexis

Dawnna is powerful, down to earth, and real! She stayed for the whole convention, had hallway conversations with the members and SURPASSED all expectations!

Cindy Johnson, NAWIC

I have worked with three amazingly engaging speakers.  The first is Bill Clinton, the second is Oprah Winfrey and the third is Dawnna St Louis.  She has that “IT” factor that draws you in.

Fernando Serpa, Johnson Controls

Dawnna’s authenticity, energy and personality lit up the place. She was on point and gave actionable instructions that one could practically take away and use everyday to improve their position immediately.

Kim Stargel – Vantiv, Women's Summit

Dawnna is an expert that excites your audience. STOP LOOKING! If you’re really lucky and Dawnna is available then grab her NOW!

Eli Benjamin – Mary Kay, National Director

Within two months of applying my Mojo Superpower I was effortlessly closing more lucrative deals on my terms. Sales Mojo works.

John Peregine, Writer

Within in 30 days of applying my Mojo Superpower my sales close rate increased.  Within 90 days I was the top sales rep. Yeah!  I drank the Mojo Kool-Aid and I am a Mojo Mogul!

Cynthia Harvey, Event Sales

About Dawnna St Louis

LogoTest2ForWeb 2Dawnna is the world’s expert and only keynote speaker on Mojo. She has developed a system based on the science of confidence, the psychology of influence, and blended it with your personal business expertise. If you’ve ever wondered why some people can increase sales through networking, why some teams have a competitive advantage, or why some leaders can motivate masses to follow a vision – the Mojo system outlines your personal competitive advantage.

Dawnna has taught tens of thousands of people how to tap into their unique brand of Mojo to become more magnetizing, captivating, and influential.

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Dawnna's Publications

Discover Your Unique Power to Magnetize, Captivate, and Influence
Take A Look
Smart Strategies to Smash the Glass Ceiling

Take A Look
Reframing “What If” into “Why Not”
How to Break Through Internal Barriers

Take A Look

"Dawnna is Spectacularly Engaging"
Denise Ray - FLVS

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