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Meet Dawnna

Sure, you have a great idea, but getting buy-in can be a total pain. And then, actually moving that idea from whiteboard-to-boardroom-to-bottomline can feel like you’re running the gauntlet on American Ninja Warrior… over hot-coals… with one hand tied behind your back…in a hurricane!


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can quickly turn ideas into profits. Get teams on board. And effortlessly influence others… no Jedi mind-tricks required. My keynote presentations are fun, exciting, and specifically designed to give you the inside track to getting buy-in fast.

These are the same insider techniques used in my 20+ year career to transform my 5-person team into a highly sought-after international consultancy. We were craved by our customers, envied by our competitors, and buzzed about in our industry.

In a nutshell: I have the secrets to influence, innovate, and lead!

And now you can, too.


She's real... really real.
Dawnna’s bold, edgy, and “off the cuff” funny.  You know exactly who are working with from the first contact to the last.

More than you expected
Dawnna’s one-of-a-kind and innovative approach transforms her presentations into an experience your attendees will love.

Tons of AHA moments
Your attendees quickly move from “been there done that” to “now that changes everything”.

She's got you covered
Dawnna’s been the keynote, closing, panelist, moderator, and emcee.  What can Dawnna do for you?

Edge of your seat
Your attendees feel that instant connection from the moment Dawnna arrives.  You feel better knowing Dawnna’s holding the mic.

Play on purpose
Dawnna’s gift for interaction both drives home a point and solidifies her message.

Message matters
With more than 20+ years of business growth and leadership development, Dawnna has the experience and credentials to deliver mind-shifting for the future of business.


Keynote Topics


Organizations around the world
leverage Dawnna’s 20+ years of
experience to laugh, learn, and
change the game in their favor!


What Epic Leaders Do Differently...Superhero Cape Not Required
The path to leadership isn’t an easy one.  And if you’re going to step into the spotlight, you may as well do something amazing… easy, but amazing!

By taking a page from the Epic Leadership Playbook you’ll reap some major rewards… Like greater influence, high performance teams, and colleagues that want your buy-in before moving forward (That’s like a respect factor of 10!) .

With her unique style of humor and dynamic content, Dawnna breathes new life into the future of leadership. You will discover:

  • 3 Effortless actions that Epic Leaders execute to change the game
  • The one word that motivates your team to achieve the impossible
  • How to get buy-in from even the most difficult colleague, customer, or partner
  • Three ways to transform an unbelievable vision into an achievable reality
  • How to use the spotlight to skip rungs on the corporate ladder


The Ultimate Guide to Team Success...Yeah... Even with that guy!
Have you ever had someone on your team that was a total pain?

They refused to follow process.  Every idea was a bad idea unless it was their idea.  And when it comes to working as a team, they are fantastic… on the team of one!

No?  Me neither.

But just in case you ever want to build an Epic Team, you don’t want to miss this session!  The Ultimate Guide to Team Success give you the tips, tactics, and Jedi mind tricks needed to even get the most difficult team member on board fast.

In her edgy, interactive, and irreverent style, Dawnna will show you the ways that team are build to last.  You will  discover:

  • Insider strategies to transforming difficult team members into major team players… yeah… even that guy.
  • The secret to highly motivated, high performing teams
  • One word that gets every team member to strive to achieve the impossible
  • 3 actions Epic Leaders take to get everyone on board and headed in the same direction
  • Flawless feedback tactics that amp up team activity


Don't chase your customers; have them chase you
Whether you know it or not, you’re selling all the time–to your customers, your staff, and anyone you come in contact with. And if you do it wrong, sales can feel like you are constantly pushing a boulder uphill.

So what can you do to be craved by your customers; envied by your competitors; and buzzed about in your industry?

Ever since Dawnna talked her mom into buying Barbie that much needed sports car, she knew there was a secret to getting people to get fired up for your cause – a skill she still uses to close major business deals.

If you want to discover your sales style. Sales in the new century. And the irresistible ways to influence the sale, then grab the best seat in the house and be ready to boost your bottom line.

You will discover:

  • What an elephant, a hill, and hanging-ten can teach you about sales
  • How to the second sale will drive your first
  • Why product knowledge is not enough


Get your best ideas from whiteboard-to-boardroom-to-bottomline
Do you want to change the world?  Make millions? Or just get an idea off the ground?

Regardless of your reasons for dipping your toes in the entrepreneurial pool, success doesn’t come easy and substantial success is even tougher!  Unless you have a Fairy God Mother of Epic Proportions!

Queue Dawnna!

You will leverage Dawnna’s insider secrets that she used to build a highly successful business intelligence consultancy that operated in 25 countries and amassed over $100 Million in sales.

You will discover:

  • What separates really successful entrepreneurs from everyone else… and it ain’t their smarts
  • What you need to get started now
  • The power of the notebook… not the computerized one
  • Three things to do today
  • The fastest way to find failure and how to avoid it


You could have everything you want...
as long as you can handle the
Peaks, Pitfalls, and Parades
Have you ever had destiny just knock the wind out of you? You found yourself doubled-over from an unrelenting gut punch from which you think you’ll never recover?

Dawnna has felt those same pangs of life. She has turned lemons into a lemon farm, opened a lemonade stand, and traded lemon futures for magic beans… oops!

In this motivational roller-coaster ride you will discover one woman’s journey that started on the floor of her Dodge Omni and took her to the boardroom of her own international business intelligence consultancy.

In this presentation, you will discover:

  • What to do when life gives you lemons… and it has nothing to do with lemonade.
  • 3 things the 1% do to find substantial success
  • The secret lives of beliefs and how they can propel you forward
  • 5 ways to conquer a pitfall
  • What to do when you are on the peak of success but you’re afraid of heights

Speaker Kit for Meeting Planners


Dawnna travels with a companion from Ft Lauderdale to arrive the day before her first program delivery.She leaves morning after her last program delivery unless the program ends before 12.
Hotel room should be non-smoking in an upgraded suite with double-beds.
The hotel room should be in the same hotel as your conference. If your conference is in your offices, then the hotel room should be as close to your offices as possible. The hotel to should secured by you, the client, and guaranteed for a late arrival. Dawnna will handle all other travel arrangements.


Please arrange for all ground transportation. Let Dawnna know who will be meeting her at the airport.


All payments are due on site at final delivery. All expenses are due within 2 weeks after event delivery. Also, for your convenience Dawnna accepts all major credit cards.

Checks may be mailed to:
Dawnna St Louis
13352 NW 11th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Dawnna’s Attendance in Activities

Please let Dawnna know if you would like her to be available for questions or pictures with your audience. This time is valuable to your attendees and Dawnna loves to answer specific questions and sign autographs.

If there is a formal or semi-formal activity that you would like Dawnna and her companion to attend, please let her know so she can plan (and pack) accordingly.

Slides & Music

No slides or presentation materials.  Dawnna will select upbeat music to play after her introduction and as she is coming to stage.

Flip Charts

If there is a breakout session, absolutely provide flip charts and markers.

If you have requested the highly interactive session where Dawnna deliver 1/3 keynote, 1/3 teaching, and 1/3 hot seat with QA then please put a RED, BLUE, BLACK, and GREEN Sharpies along with the largest available flip chart on the right side of the stage.


Lav or Countryman with TAPE is needed. Dawnna move a lot, interacts with her audience, and needs a microphone that will stay put.  NO handheld. For HotSeat or Q&A please have audience microphones ready. In rooms of 100 or less, microphones are no required.


Dawnna will never need a lectern. If a lectern is required for others, please move it towards the back of the stage or as far off to the side as possible.


Any handouts or collateral will be drop shipped to the hotel to arrive the two days before the event start date.

Stage Entrance/Exit

Please make sure there are hand-railed steps leading to the stage or an usher to assist.

Also, it is often that Dawnna will start my entrance from the middle of the audience or back of the auditorium. Dawnna does walk into the audience so front steps are preferred.


Put a timing device at the edge of the stage so that Dawnna leaves the stage based upon the required duration of the program.

Water, Food, & Meals

Room temperature water is perfect. It can be in a bottle or glass. There is no preference. Dawnna will not eat within 1 hour of going on stage.

Her preference in order is:

Blackened Fish, Steak – medium rare, and then Chicken
No starches. Extra Veggies and Fruit.

Dawnna doesn’t drink alcohol so an Arnold Palmer or (don’t laugh) Shirley Temple are great.

Promo Video

Dawnna can create quick 30-60 second promo (up to 5) videos for your event. If you have a very short script you’d like Dawnna to follow, please supply it.


Dawnna has a significant source of articles that she can customize for your magazine or member publications.  If you are interested, please let her know.