Dawnna has dedicated her career
uncovering how you can tap into
your personal brand of Mojo
to become a more 
powerful and influential leader
that Magnetizes the Masses  with
tomorrow’s leadership skills today.

Mojo Mogul: 
The Secret Guide to
Power, Presence,
and Persona
reveals your your areas of

competitive advantage and

leadership influence.
Success Strategies that
Smash the Glass Ceiling
is a 52 week guide for women to gain the

clarity into one’s personal leadership style

and career strengths on their way to

earning a seat at the boardroom table.

Tomorrow’s Leadership Skills Today

With Dawnna St Louis’s Mojo Mogul great leaders uncover their competitive advantage, attract and retain top talent, and discover tomorrow’s leadership skills today.


Denise Ray - FLVS

Dawnna helped us pull a multi-million dollar project from the brink of disaster by showing us how to have the confidence to be better leaders and to allow our leaders to lead confidently.  She is worth every penny!

David Gutierrez – CTO, Assurant

We were struggling in the area of leadership and decision making.  Everything was a committee, debate, and wait game.  We hired Dawnna to mentor our leaders.  She sat through meetings, had tough conversations, and helped us move forward.  We are now the benchmark department in the state because we dare to innovate.

John Macguire, Missouri Department of Conservation

I had the absolutely pleasure of working with Dawnna and watching her weave her magic on my team of evangelists.  She was absolutely spectacular.

Tim Malilu, Microsoft

HRE HER NOW! I passed on Dawnna for a “well-known” motivational speaker with a big name.  What a mistake.  I got a canned speech and a pain in the a$$ diva-man. The next year and the year after and two years later I got Dawnna.  And I am booking her again for 2015.

Jake Roberts, Gemini Consulting

Disaster is when you have 3K people and no speaker!  Luck is when you find Dawnna in the building fresh from another talk. With a flip chart, some sharpies, and three audience mics this woman worked MAGIC! I was hoping for good – but she blew us away.  STUNNING PROFESSIONAL!

Diane Justice, National Peach Farmers Association

We were struggling to come up with the right topic.  Dawnna said, “Why don’t you trust me to meet your audience where they are?  Just give me a flip chart and a mic, I will do the rest.”  Dawnna delivered a 20 minute talk and 60 minutes of impromptu hot seat “what do you want

Mark Amaro, Project Management Institute

We didn’t have the budget, but we wanted – no – we NEEDED Dawnna.  After working with Dawnna to come up with some ideas we simply increased the ticket price by $10 per person and Dawnna did the rest!  She is ingenious, creative, and a master in business.

Debbie Anton, Women's Summit

The best testimonial is repeat business.  We have hired Dawnna three times in the past 5 years and we will hire her again.  She is an unbelievable talent.

Barbara Garrido, LexisNexis

How do you spell event success? D-A-W-N-N-A Don’t let the smooth exterior fool ya!  This woman is not only brilliant and powerful, she is also down to earth and real! She OVER DELIVERS and SUPER SURPASSES all expectations!

Cindy Johnson, NAWIC

I have worked with three amazingly engaging speakers.  The first is Bill Clinton, the second is Oprah Winfrey and the third is Dawnna St Louis.  She has that “IT” factor that draws you in.

Fernando Serpa, Johnson Controls

Dawnna’s authenticity, energy and personality lit up the place. She was on point and gave actionable instructions that one could practically take away and use everyday to improve their position immediately.

Kim Stargel – Vantiv, Women's Summit

If you want podium hugging, typical, and everyday then keep looking.  But if you want a brilliant expert to grace your stage and excite your audience then STOP LOOKING! If you’re really lucky and Dawnna is available then grab her NOW!

Eli Benjamin – Mary Kay, National Director

I collaborated with Dawnna while she wrote Mojo Mogul.  I confessed my dislike of the negotiating process, sales, and doing deals but knew that it was a significant part of my business.  Within two months of applying her concepts I was effortlessly closing more lucrative deals on my terms! Talk about Mojo Power!

John Peregine, Writer

Within in 30 days of applying my Mojo Superpower my sales close rate increased.  Within 90 days I was the top sales rep. Yeah!  I drank the Mojo Kool-Aid and I am a Mojo Mogul!

Cynthia Harvey, Event Sales

Keynotes and Programs

Individual Mojo

Mojo Mogul: Tap Into Your Mojo
The extent to which you will be successful is conditioned on your confidence and ability to influence others at all levels of your organization. Take charge of how others see you. Tap into your latent Mojo to become more visible and unleash your confidence and influence.


Leadership Mojo

Tomorrow’s Leadership Skills Today
Command and control style leadership is a thing of the past especially with the generational shift happening in the workplace. Gain tomorrow’s leadership skills today to attract and influence top talent while enjoying a competitive edge in your marketplace.


Maven Mojo

Smash the Glass Ceiling
From glass ceilings and work-life balance to “leaning in” and office politics, the issues for women continue to stir conversation and controversy. Dawnna will guide women through the challenges, pitfalls, and wins of being a strong woman navigating business challenges.


About Dawnna St Louis

LogoTest2ForWeb 2 Dawnna St Louis has dedicated her career uncovering how you can tap into your personal brand of Mojo to magnetize the Masses with tomorrow’s leadership today.

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience as a leader in technology, innovation, and as C-Level executive of a business intelligence firm, she has challenged entrenched preconceptions about leadership to get to the core of the future of great leadership – Mojo.

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Dawnna's Publications

The Secret Guide to Power, Presence, and Persona

Companion Guide for Team Member Mojo and Leadership Mojo.

Take A Look

Smart Strategies to Smash the Glass Ceiling

Companion Guide for Maven Mojo and Women’s Leadership.

Take A Look

Reframing “What If” into “Why Not”
How to Break Through Internal Barriers

Companion for Mojo Maven Events

Take A Look

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