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Marc Hardy, PhD 
…you totally blew our participants away with a 4.9 out of 5 rating!
Janice Watkins, CEO 
Your presentation on the 7 type of leaders and their strengths and weaknesses was priceless. We applied your easy-to-follow steps to improve and fundraising has been at an all time high!
Enrique Hernandez, President 
Dawnna was an excellent presenter. I enjoyed and learned the most regarding how to engage the board, so that they become an integral part of developing a succession plan.
Hilary Pressman, Executive Director 
She helped us identify our strengths as leaders (example: are we good at networking? Or are we behind at fundraising?). PHENOMENAL
John Peregine 
The techniques Dawnna shared with me, turned a low 5 digit income into a mid 6 digit income almost overnight.
Kim Stargel,VP of Cross Sales and Loyalty 
Dawnna’s authenticity, energy and personality lit up the place. She gives actionable instructions that one could practically take away and use everyday to improve their position.
Heather D. Mahoney 
Dawnna is engaging and talented. She leaves her audience with a bucket full of knowledge that they can use right away.
Janice Marks, VP of Human Resources 
Dawnna keeps her audience engaged by connecting her message to the challenge and imparting a wealth of knowledge in a uniquely Dawnna packaged presentation.
Scott Brand, PMP 
Ms. StLouis adroitly demonstrated the right way to communicate with upper management through her linear methodology. Her real work exercises really hit home with me.
Emilio Cavaceppi 
Dawnna is a woman of great vision. She has a deep rooted sense of creativity and passion in her work. She is a go getter from the start
Gordie Bufton 
Dawnna St Louis is a rock star when it comes to creating a model to take your business to the next level.
Lucy Lange – Global Trade 
Dawnna, identifies critical aspects of the issue at hand, proposes alternatives and out of the box ideas to find resolution. She is very genuine in her caring for other people’s success.
Gigi Alfonso, Diversity and Inclusion Officer 
Dawnna is a thought leader with ideas and insights are very much aligned with the direction corporate america will be taking.
David N. Reece 
Dawnna, is an out of the box player with a strong understanding of business and strategy.
Gordon Eric Knowles 
Dawnna is a thought leader that truly delivers a message that engages her audience and solves challenges quickly and easily. BRILLIANT!
Valerie Piper 
Dawnna’s dynamic background and no-nonsense delivery style continually engages her audiences whether big or small and they beg for more once she is done!
Tina Alfaro 
Dawnna has a unique style that captivates her audience and makes them feel at home, allowing attendees to drop their barriers and open up to the concepts and apply them.
Vladimir Magerovsky 
Dawnna was the major factor in continued growth of our company. She also worked very closely with other teams like sales and marketing to understand the customer’s needs.
Mary Lee 
Dawnna has a unique combination of skills: she is a big picture thinker but is also willing to roll up her sleeves and dive into the details with her team.
Kerline Jules 
Dawnna is incomparable with a zest for creating team synergy and driving a team to a common objective. She is a visionary and a strategic thinker who carries a can do attitude.






Dawnna’s no-nonsense presentation style is the definition of ultimate contrast. Audiences are ushered into Dawnna’s world where everyone has the potential to be great! She doesn’t talk to the audience, she talks to you – and motivates you to take action now. Dawnna can and will make a difference. Dawnna custom designs every single presentation in the following areas:


HARNESS THE POWER OF PEOPLE- Leverage Your Greatest Asset to Achieve Explosive Growth


Achieve Explosive Growth
Program Description
People have chiseled boulders into wheels and put men on the moon. Business is about harnessing the power of people; From external customers to leaders in the C-Suite.

Corner the market. Enhance leadership effectiveness. Capitalize on innovation. No matter how explosive you want to be in business you must tap into the power of your greatest asset to do it.

  • Attract, Retain, and Develop Top Talent
  • Leverage internal entrepreneurs to out-innovate your competition
  • Excite your team about your organizational vision and future
Axalon Investments 
Dawnna’s message hit home right when we really needed to get our leadership team on board with some major changes. PERFECT!
Can Be Customized For:
  • Leadership
  • Business Owners
  • New Leaders
  • Association Executives


THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MIND-SET- Tap into the Most Powerful Innovation Tool Ever Created


Tap into the Most Powerful Innovation Tool Ever Created
Program Description
Be a rock star in business and the preferred choice in an overcrowded marketplace. Blaze a trail your competitors wished they had the courage to trek. You will stand out from the competition when you capitalize on innovation and harness the power of your internal entrepreneurs. Discover secrets that put you at the top of your game and top of mind – regardless of the industry.

  • Five Bold Steps that spawns innovation and erases the competition
  • Your Contrast Q Factor and how it transform good work into phenomenal results
  • Three ways to gain radical results from minimal change
Black Hatters Unite Conference 
Dawnna leveraged her inner innovative-techno-geek to brilliantly develop a deep connection with every attendee.
Can Be Customized For:
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Women In Business
  • General Audiences


STAND OUT LEADERS- Decisive, Bold, and The Leader You’d Follow


Decisive, Bold, and The Leader You’d Follow
Program Description
Stand out leaders aren’t afraid to blaze trails and embrace crazy ideas. They invite criticism. And guess what? Their teams perform beyond expectation. Stand out leaders build a legacy of success.Be the leader you’d follow:

  • Champion bold ideas from meeting room to boardroom
  • Propel goal setting into goal getting.
  • Lead self-motivated teams that reach the corporate vision
  • Seven strategies that Stand Out Leaders use for 360° of influence
Association of Association Executives – Florida 
Our leadership team is still using the phrase, “Would you volunteer to follow your own lead” to be better decision makers.
Can Be Customized For:
  • High Potential Resources
  • Executive Leaders
  • New Leaders
  • Women In Business


EPIC SALES- Develop Instant Relationships and Close More Business Faster


Develop Instant Relationships and Close More Business Faster
Program Description
What does your client say about you when you are not in the room? Not sure? Then you could be in trouble.A powerful customer experience is the difference between exceeding your sales goals and wondering about your bonus check. Dawnna shows you how to create an amazing customer experience from go.

  • The Secret Sales Pyramid that creates a powerful customer connection
  • Three things you need to know right now to seal the deal
  • How to be the choice of ONE in a crowded marketplace
  • Deliver the experience your customer can’t live without
J. Moore – National Sales Network 
Dawnna’s 5 Steps to Epic Sales has helped me turn up my close rate.
Can Be Customized For:
  • Sales Teams
  • High Value Sales Teams
  • Women In Business
  • MLM Entreprenuers


YOUR PERSONAL BRAND OF QUALITY- Deliver the Best in Customer Service Excellence


Deliver the Best in Customer Service Excellence
Program Description
Teams that tap into their personal brand of quality rock! HARD!They take pride in their work and their work environment. These teams are self-propelled and self-motivated toward one goal – be better everyday. Amp up customer service. Increase pride at work. Delivery excellence in everything you do. Tap into your personal brand of quality.

  • Irresistible communications that customers and clients adore
  • Be the preferred choice for stellar service
  • Be self-motivated to consistently deliver at a higher level
  • Leverage your greatest strengths to do what you do well more often.
Society of Human Resource Professionals 
I knew exactly how to make our brand, mission, and vision valuable to my team and my organization.
Can Be Customized For:
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Women In Business
  • General Audiences






Dawnna St Louis will tell you that to be great in business, you have to be amazing with people. As a three time bestselling author, Dawnna works with organizations that want to harness the power of their people to stand out from the competition.


Dawnna St Louis
Dawnna St Louis
Text or Call: 954.558.5999
Dawnna’s keynote presentations are chocked with over two decades of experience. As a leader that started in the trenches and worked her way up the ladder in a male-dominated field, Dawnna scaled the corporate jungle gym to become the C-Level Executive of an international business intelligence consulting firm.

Her authentic delivery reveals how great talent can lead your organization to even greater heights.

Dawnna is the founder of a consulting and training company, The Platform Expert. Under her consult, business leaders and entrepreneurs have stood out from the competition to increase revenues in a crowded marketplace.

Dawnna is the author of three top-selling books on the topic of harnessing the power of people. She has wowed the crowd in every state and taken her message to several countries around the world.

Isn’t it time that she brought her message to your team.






My goal is to make you look like a superstar while giving your audience everything they need to explode to success. Give me a call or Leave your contact information and I will get back to you the moment I am off the stage.


Reach Dawnna
Dawnna St Louis
Text or Call: 954.558.5999
EMail: Dawnna@Dawnna.com
Dawnna St Louis
E-Mail: Dawnna@Dawnna.com
Phone: 954-558-5999
Mailing Address:
15600 Gauntlet Hall Manor
Davie, FL 33331

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